PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaWasapiStreamInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned long size
PaHostApiTypeId hostApiType
unsigned long version
unsigned long flags
PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask channelMask
PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback hostProcessorOutput
PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback hostProcessorInput
PaWasapiThreadPriority threadPriority
PaWasapiStreamCategory streamCategory
PaWasapiStreamOption streamOption
PaWasapiStreamPassthrough passthrough

Detailed Description

Definition at line 367 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

Field Documentation

PaWinWaveFormatChannelMask PaWasapiStreamInfo::channelMask

Support for WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE channel masks. If flags contains paWinWasapiUseChannelMask this allows you to specify which speakers to address in a multichannel stream. Constants for channelMask are specified in pa_win_waveformat.h. Will be used only if paWinWasapiUseChannelMask flag is specified.

Definition at line 381 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::flags

collection of PaWasapiFlags

Definition at line 373 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaHostApiTypeId PaWasapiStreamInfo::hostApiType


Definition at line 370 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaWasapiHostProcessorCallback PaWasapiStreamInfo::hostProcessorOutput

Delivers raw data to callback obtained from GetBuffer() methods skipping internal PortAudio processing inventory completely. userData parameter will be the same that was passed to Pa_OpenStream method. Will be used only if paWinWasapiRedirectHostProcessor flag is specified.

Definition at line 388 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaWasapiStreamPassthrough PaWasapiStreamInfo::passthrough

Passthrough details.

paWinWasapiPassthrough flag must be specified in PaWasapiStreamInfo::flags to enable Passthrough mode.
See Also
Available as of 19.7.0

Definition at line 417 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::size


Definition at line 369 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaWasapiStreamCategory PaWasapiStreamInfo::streamCategory

Stream category.

See Also
Available as of 19.6.0

Definition at line 404 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaWasapiStreamOption PaWasapiStreamInfo::streamOption

Stream option.

See Also
Available as of 19.6.0

Definition at line 410 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

PaWasapiThreadPriority PaWasapiStreamInfo::threadPriority

Specifies thread priority explicitly. Will be used only if paWinWasapiThreadPriority flag is specified.

Please note, if Input/Output streams are opened simultaneously (Full-Duplex mode) you shall specify same value for threadPriority or othervise one of the values will be used to setup thread priority.

Definition at line 398 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

unsigned long PaWasapiStreamInfo::version


Definition at line 371 of file pa_win_wasapi.h.

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