PortAudio  2.0
Data Fields
PaMacCoreStreamInfo Struct Reference

#include <pa_mac_core.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long size
PaHostApiTypeId hostApiType
unsigned long version
unsigned long flags
SInt32 const * channelMap
unsigned long channelMapSize

Detailed Description

A pointer to a paMacCoreStreamInfo may be passed as the hostApiSpecificStreamInfo in the PaStreamParameters struct when opening a stream or querying the format. Use NULL, for the defaults. Note that for duplex streams, flags for input and output should be the same or behaviour is undefined.

Definition at line 63 of file pa_mac_core.h.

Field Documentation

SInt32 const* PaMacCoreStreamInfo::channelMap

flags to modify behaviour

Definition at line 69 of file pa_mac_core.h.

unsigned long PaMacCoreStreamInfo::channelMapSize

Channel map for HAL channel mapping , if not needed, use NULL;

Definition at line 70 of file pa_mac_core.h.

unsigned long PaMacCoreStreamInfo::flags

structure version

Definition at line 68 of file pa_mac_core.h.

PaHostApiTypeId PaMacCoreStreamInfo::hostApiType

size of whole structure including this header

Definition at line 66 of file pa_mac_core.h.

unsigned long PaMacCoreStreamInfo::version

host API for which this data is intended

Definition at line 67 of file pa_mac_core.h.

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